Promotional picture of a typical "Warhawk" jet from an air-show in 2076.

'The 'Warhawks are a small, exclusive faction, operating out of a pre-war regional airport in western Canada. The group, never containing any more than 10 members, are the descendants of a United States Air Force aerobatic squadron that were hastily reassigned to defend newly-annexed Canada from Chinese air-raids on industrial cities.


The Warhawks were formed in 2076, as the "59th Aerial Demonstration Squadron" of the United States Air Force, part of the American Experience Project, celebrating America's tricentennial. Several exceptionally talented pilots were relieved from duty battling the PLAAF on the Korean peninsula, and returned to the United States to perform for the American public, in an attempt to sit up patriotic sentiment. However, as American troops returned home from Alaska the following year, the squadron's pilots and their families were reassigned to a USAF base in the newly annexed "Yukon Commonwealth".

When the bombs fell on October 23rd, 2077, fighters of the 59th Aerial
Warhawk base

"Yeager Field", the Warhawks' base of operations.

Demonstration Squadron engaged a small group of Chinese jets over the Yukon. Though the enemy pilots were shot down, the group's celebration was short lived, as the sky was soon lit by the atomic fireballs over the nearby cities of Juneau and Whitehorse. When the squadron attempted to contact their base, the radio produced nothing but harsh static. After surveying the destruction of nearby population centers, the pilots regrouped in a small, isolated Canadian town in British Columbia, making their base of operations a local airstrip (Renamed to "Yeager Field", after General Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier in a turbojet aircraft).

As the decades passed, the flying skills of the original pilots were passed along from generation to generation, and the isolated group soon began making flights across North America in the 2130s, surveying the destruction, and trying to find the remains of civilization.