United Arab Coalition
Anthem Mawlid an-Nabī (The Birth of the Prophet)
Population 300,000,000 in 2052
Currency No unified currency
Language Arabic
Leader Mohammad al-Jameel
Capitol Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Government type Federation of Sovereign States
Period active 2051-2060

The United Arab Coalition was a group of middle eastern and north African nations that battled the European Commonwealth during the Resource Wars in the 2050s.

History Edit

The United Arab Coalition was formed in 2051 in response to growing fears of a European invasion from the northwest. Different than the European Commonwealth in structure, the Coalition was made up of several Arab states with a shared military. The Coalition was also allied with the non-Arab nations of Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan, although they were not officially part of the Coalition. The headquarters of the U.A.C. were located in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When the European Commonwealth invaded Southwest Asia, the members of the United Arab Coalition reacted immediately. However, the U.A.C. did not react fast enough, as the E.C. had already taken over Turkey; and an offensive into the Arabian Peninsula was already occurring by 2053. The British Royal Forces then began a thrust into the Arabian Peninsula, where they captured the U.A.C.'s religious city, Mecca. Outraged, a group of insurgents detonated an atomic bomb in the city of Tel Aviv in 2054, a western ally.

Outraged, British and French Bombers decimated the cities of Cairo, Terhan, and Abu Dhabi. Fighting continued through the next to years, with U.A.C. forces holding the French army back in North Africa, and the British Army opening a new front in Afghanistan; all the while the oil supply was steadily shrinking as the war continued. In 2057, U.A.C. President Muhammed Jad gave the green light for an invasion of Southern Europe.

The invasion of Southern Europe started out with small successes, but ended badly. The U.A.C. army had planned the invasion poorly, and with the influx of German and British soldiers; the U.A.C. retreated. The war ended on March 1, 2060; when the E.C. signed a treaty with Muhammed Jad in Riyadh. After the loss of the war with Europe, and with no oil in the region to sustain it's economy, the U.A.C. collapsed into quarreling nations.


The U.A.C. military was made up of 4,000,000 troops total but were afraid of the European Commonwealth as their military had a total of 8,000,000 million troops. The U.A.C. had cretaed the United Arab Forces a year after it's creation and was made up of the various militaries and armed forces that the UAC member states had possessed and were united under a single command. When the European Commonwealth Armed Forces had begun to destroy major Middle East cities the UAAF had begun to break apart into a group of militiants with little command due to the fact that most of the UAC navy had been destroyed and 60% of their air force was decimated. By 2060 the Uunited Arab Forces had dissolved just like the UAC and began fighting eachother until the bombs fell on October 23rd, 2077.