Thomas Chase was an NCR senator in the 2270's.


Early LifeEdit

Thomas Chase was born in the city of The Hub on September 4th, 2225 too prominent traders in the town. With two trader parents, Chase learned the art of business at a young age; learning how to store inventory and how to fool the customer into buying a product. With this instinct, Thomas had begun his rise to power as a political entity in the future New California Republic. When he was about fourteen years old, his father Ryan Chase decided to take his son on caravan up north to the city of Shady Sands.

After days of traveling in the caravan, Thomas Chase got his first taste of the future New California Republic. Thomas Chase was overjoyed by the cities slightly modern buildings and streets, along with seeing his first green trees in the Wasteland. But the most important thing he would see on his trip to Shady Sands would be the Hall of Congress. Thomas Chase was impressed on how such a small group of people could be so worried about the welfare of its people's interests, and how this group of people had managed to keep a small country together. When Thomas got back from his trip to Shady Sands, he soon found that he wanted to become a Senator of the New California Republic.

When Thomas Chase was thirty-five, and the NCR was still technically at war with the Brotherhood of Steel, Chase ran for The Hub's senator position in order to finally achieve his goal of becoming a part of the political system. He ran against two other candidates during the election, and was one of the youngest persons to ever run for the position of the Hub. He eventually won the election, to the surprise of Chase and the other candidates, and traveled towards the city of Shady Sands to start his term as NCR Senator.

Senatorial LifeEdit

As soon as Chase took office, Thomas began political lobbying and campaigning about the expansion of the New California Republic's territory throughout the former west coast. With financial support by certain brahmin barons from the Stockmen's Association.