The "Trenton" Incident gets its name from classified U.S. government documents about the destruction of the first and only Magellan-class warship.


The basic information of the Incident is that there was a high likelihood that the destruction of the SDD-0001 was caused not by the skipper's carelessness, as was reported by news media around the world, but was the result of foreign infiltration. According to the only two witnesses, in an interview that became government property, the Magellan first detonated in the bridge as it began to move away from the space station where it had been assembled. This initial explosion was followed up by the missiles stored in the bow detonating, all occurring before the ship made contact with the Earth's atmosphere. With no secondary bridge from which the crew of 200 would have been able guide the ship away from the atmosphere, it became enwrapped by the Earth's gravitational field, and nothing would have saved them.

Widely regarded as the worst disaster in history of space flight, 203 men and women were killed during the "Trenton" Incident.