I never knew the joy of having a family. I never knew the feeling of having a life outside of death. I never knew that all of my friends were going to die. I only knew one thing. War, war never changes.
~ The Stranger

An Account of The StrangerEdit

The Stranger roamed constantly across California and several nearby states. Nobody knew his name, or what he looked like excluding of his clothes. People only remembered what he did. He was a guardian to all Wastelanders, those of need, and people of true heart. The Stranger helped in the most unusual ways, but ended up changing lives that way. He often saved Wastelanders from dangers such as raiders and super mutants. The life of The Stranger is unknown and all connections to him are usually people that he helped. He barely spoke during encounters with other people according to people who actually experienced it. Now, The Stranger still roams and has been recently seen heading toward Nevada.


According to some Wastelanders and their encounters with the Stranger, he wears a fancy black Pre-War coat, pants, and shoes. His face is always overshadowed by a Pre-War hat. Some have claimed to have seen his face. Sometimes, Wastelanders describe his face as grotesque and ugly while others say it is noble and kind. The Stranger has also been described as lean and strong.


The Stranger has been seen carrying a 44. magnum which he wields with the utmost proficiency. Mysteriously, he wields no other weapons, yet he eliminates his foes with ease.