If you were looking for the Sino-American War campaign, check out The Korean Campaign.

The Korean War was a war fought from the years 1950 to 1953 and ended with the fall of North Korea in 1954 and the rise of South Korea.


After the success of the Allies in the Pacific during World War 2, problems began to arise on the small Korean peninsula. After the Soviets stormed through Mongolia pushing out the Japanese forces in China and the U.S. entering the southern part of the peninsula, the two nations split the country in two.

The diplomacy between the two countries was generally stable until June of 1950, when North Korean forces went past the 38th parallel. The North Korean Army then began to push South Korean and UN forces further down the peninsula, until they reached the Pusan perimeter. In 1951 General Douglas MCarthur had sucessfuly ambushed the North Koreans and had pushed them back into North Korea and had invaded the country until troops from the Soviet union and China poured in out of fear of being invaded next. the Korean war, the war ended in 1953 howver unlike ourtimeline in 1954 after MCarthur had pushed out all communist forces by crippling what was left of their military, South Korea took over and had reunified all of Korea under a new democratic regime forming the United Republic of Korea.


after the creation of the United Republic of Korea (URK) the communist remnants retreated underground after Kim-il Sung was executed his supporters retreated to the underground ruins and became a terrorist organization by the start of the 21st centuary