The "Capital Wasteland" is the post-war designation for what was once the Columbia Commonwealth—a union of four states, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware, as well as the seat of government itself, the District of Columbia. The majority of the area was leveled to the ground during the Great War, with most major cities—Rockville, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Richmond, Delaware City, Charleston, Baltimore, and the District just to name a few—the first to be struck, while military installations, such as Fort Mead and the National Naval Medical Center, hit as secondary targets.

Because of the population concentration and importance of the region, the Columbia Commonwealth had a disproportionate amount of fallout shelters built—most of which being Vault-Tec vaults, which weren't actually meant to save anybody but to serve as a social or military experiment.


Pre-War military descendedEdit

  • BUMED -- a pre-war, military faction which survived due to the fact that the base they were stationed on was no longer officially a military complex. They are armed with some of the most cutting-edge technology, especially in the medical field.
  • PDI -- as part of joint venture, the PDI company as well as most of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, built and lived in a massive fallout shelter below Bethesda.

Survivor settlementsEdit

  • Jeb—Immediately following the war, large groups of people from the areas surrounding James Hubert Blake HS in Maryland took shelter in the school. As time went by, they grew and became a full-fledged settlement, and a center of trade.

Communist insurgency descendedEdit