The American Experience Project was a program run by the United States Federal Government before the Great War. The official purpose of the project was to "educate the American people about their rich and proud history". But in reality, it was little more than a program of propaganda, designed to stir up patriotic sentiment due to the increased aggression and tension all over the world.


The main point of the project was to teach the youth about the "true" America. The American Experience Project officailly began in the winter of 2075, a tactic that the U.S. government used to have a massive swelling of American Pride. The Project mainly focused on historical aspects of America: from the founding of the nation and everything up to current times. Exhibits were built all over cities, while television, radio and billboards were plastered with patriotic advertisements, all leading up to a major, nation-wide celebration of the American Tricentennial (July 4, 2076).

During the early months of 2076, every street of America had something related to the United States' coming Tricentennial, including posters, paintings, American flags, and many other forms showing patriotism. Their were also numerous arrest of many political activists and groups, including Anti-War groups and members of the Communist party. This turned out to be one of the objectives of the American Experience Project by the Enclave, as a way to instil fear of Communism and patriotism.

On July 4, 2076; the biggest national celebration was held. Many Fireworks were used in the celebrations and parties all across the United States, with Philadelphia using the largest number of fireworks in the entire United States for their celebration. The National Guard also offered up firing their weapons for the celebrations, setting off explosives and firing off artillery rounds. Military parades were also popular during the celebrations, with the new T-51b and the old T-45d Power Armored Units marching along with regular Army units.


The propaganda that was used included using footage from the "Red Summer" such as the invasion of Japan and Korea. When the project started it was during the reclaimation of Alaska and often used footage and even movies of scared civilians and communist forces attacking towns and capturing civilians. While most of it was accurate 10% of the time was over exhagerrating claiming that Canada had gone communist and was why it was invaded and how canadian resistance groups fight for communist control over the Free World