A Sasquatch.

Despite what the name suggest, the creatures known as Sasquatch are not the "missing-link" of American lore. Rather, these beasts inhabiting the Yukon Wasteland are the result of Pre-War experiments in the Soviet Union, designed to create half-man, half-ape super soldiers, hoping to receive the immense strength of an ape, but without the lacking intelligence.


In 2058, the Soviet war ministry approved funding for Project Gladiator, a top-secret program designed to create human-ape hybrids, in order to create a race of super soldiers for the Red Army. Located at the secluded Ivanov Research Institute in Kovlyuneskin, Russia, experiments were carried out in which scientists attempted to breed humans with apes. Although there was little success during the first decade of operation, the scientists finally achieved a breakthrough in 2070, when a female political prisoner was impregnated with sperm from Gryzet, a gorilla that had been genetically modified from birth. Nine months later, the prisoner gave birth (at the cost of her own life) to the first three successful hybrids - two females and a male.

The hybrids were then sent to a camp in Siberia, where they were fed and allowed to grow through the years. The scientists at this camp then extracted a sperm sample from the male hybrid and inseminated both of the females, allowing them to create more of these animals. By 2075, there were about eight of these hybrids: two more females and two more males.

In 2076, in response to more conflict around the world; the Soviet government secretly released the hybrids secretly into Canada, which had since been occupied by the United States. Reports of 'Sasquatch' attacks and sightings began to grow in the Northwest Commonwealth, particularly in Alaska; which started a new national craze about the Sasqautch. Meanwhile, the Sasquatch population continued to repoduce in the Yukon secretly, as well as attacking the innocent civilians and soldiers in Canada and Alaska up till the Great War.