Raiders PhilosophyEdit

We are a group that is solely dedicated to helping all gaming wikis(as of Act A1 by Warlord Deathclawpoop). We also will accept applications for new members. We are not a group that sits around and talks about what is 'kewl' as we are claimed to be by some people... We have decide thought that in a nuclear apocalypse we will band together and become a group of raiders. We are ruled by the three warlords. Anyone who leaves the group willingly or not shall not be allowed back into the group for 1 month and their user name be added to the firing wall for humiliation purposes.

140px-FNV perk Cowboy

Our StuffEdit

(not as in belonging to us)

Joining RequirementsEdit

  • At least 100 edits to be looked over (extreme minimum requirements)
  • A user page
  • You have to be registered in at least one gaming wiki
  • Have a deep love of killing things (virtually of course)
  • No racists or ethnocentrics

Rules for membersEdit

  • Show respect to other members
  • Contribute to any gaming wiki in at least every week

Now that you have read the rules its time for the initiation.... GET FUNKY WITH IT

The Three WarlordsEdit

We are ruled by these great people

Current MembersEdit

Wikis We HelpEdit ( I just added this, it's bland as hell- --MerchantofDeath 19:10, October 25, 2010 (UTC)) (Including this one)

Firing WallEdit

Home Page Edit

This will be our home base for the Raiders of the Lost Vault. BY: Mr.Dot01 Retrieved from ""