Project HALO is a experiment ran by the United States of America during the Sino-American War.

An Enclave soldier wearing a Project HALO suit.


The project's goal is to create a set of armor that was agile, yet extremely protective. Project HALO had spent $31.3 billion just on research. HALO (High Altitude Low-Opening) Armor was designed for the purpose of High Altitude drops into enemy territory by plane. The concept of High Altitude drop suits had been considered even in the 20th Century in the Fallout Universe, but had never truely been looked at during the early 21st Century.

While the other Advanced Combat Armor programs were being run, Project HALO (by 2075, after being postponed for eight years), only created ten working units; two of them being used in the Gobi Campaign.

When the Great War destroyed the U.S. government and economy; the Enclave managed to acquire blueprints and spare units of Project HALO suits.


Project HALO had many new technologies at the time, like Advanced Combat Armor, and was considered a very valuable asset. Some of these characteristics are....

  • Lightweight and air resistant.
  • Oxygen Mask.
  • Soldier's Helper from RobCo Industries.
  • Extra ammo pouches.
  • 80% more protection.
  • Oxygen Tank (refillable).
  • Auto Loaders.

Project HALO, though it appears very lightweight, is actually made out of very advanced polymers that are very valuable for the user.