Project Groza (гроза, meaning "Thunderstorm") was a Soviet orbital defense platform, developed in the 2060s with the rising tension on the world stage.


The program consisted of three satellites orbiting the Earth, each equipped with a powerful long-range laser cannon, designed to destroy entire military installations, whether they lie inside neighboring Europe and China, or even the United States. Being an ultra-secret project, many Soviet scientists kept quiet about the project in their daily life, even from their families.

When the Great War began on October 23rd, 2077, the Groza program was put into immediate action, destroying several airfields housing nuclear weapon equipped bombers. However, across the globe, a group of American ICBMs approached Russian airspace, the result of an outdated protocol from the 1950s that had never been deactivated (It's rumored that the strike may have been intentional, a move made by the group that would eventually become the Enclave, paranoid about the Soviet military). As the Groza satellites were not designed to destroy nuclear missiles, they proved ineffective at stopping the threat, and the Polish city of Warsaw, already decimated by the decades of war on the European mainland, was completely incinerated by a stray blast from one of the satellites.