Project Brainstorm was Pre-War U.S. military project which purpose was to gain more political support for the War against China. It is said that the Project was secretly funded by the notorious shadow organization: the Enclave


During the Resource Wars, the U.S. military tried to gain extra support to fight the Chinese. The brainchild of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon would be Project Brainstorm. The purpose of the project was to implant ideas into the minds of Americans using propaganda techniques, and to create

The project's main force were focused on the media, the music industry, organized sports, toys and sports, and even food and drink items. Advertisements were placed on TV shows, with 'harmless' subjects such as the war and joining the U.S. army; with more subliminal messages put into them. Football and Baseball games also featured Military Advertisements, including "Hero Salutes" before the games.

Toys such as "Action Uncle Sam" and his line of enemies "The Yellowmen", were just a few examples of the many anti-Chinese memorabilia. Comic books, such as the famous Hell's Chain Gang, also were used in the project, making the villains of the comics more Asian looking.

The military also made contracts with food companies to add U.S. themed foods and drinks. The famous Nuka-Cola corporation, for example, made special drinks to be made with special ingredients added into them.