Operation: Drangen was the name of a United States military operation in 2078 involving the strategic push of Chinese forces out of America. While the operation was somewhat successful, it largely depleted the supplies of the United States. The main push started in Kansas, where the Chinese had a large manufacturing depot. From there, the U.S pushed all the way to mid-Texas.

While the Chinese thought the Americans would push them all the way into Mexico, they actually had over 50,000 men waiting to push them into the Gulf of Mexico. This very much shocked the Chinese, as they thought the Americans had nearly all of their forces in Anchorage. And they knew the Americans could not overpower them, so they figured they would be pushed into Mexico, and they would be forced to fight against the Mexican Army. But in reality, they were pushed all the way into the Gulf of Mexico, where Chinese warships were waiting to bomb the coast of the United States.

When the Americans reached the Gulf, many Chinese attempted to swim to the warships. But because the warships were not meant to carry more than the number of sailors, nearly all of the Chinese soldiers who attempted this either drowned, or were picked off by U.S snipers who were positioned on a nearby Oil Rig. This was later dubbed as the "Icarus[1] Incident"