Operation: Homefront was the name of an OSS operation in 2077.

the OperationEdit

On 4:00 am in Pittsburg on October 23rd 2077, the OSS had sent 6 operatives to a small compound that was housing Communist Sympathisers who planned to start a communist event to promote left wing ideology. The OSS had learned that their were 16 communists who had set up a secret communication center and were getting vast amounts of arms from other communist groups. Delta Team (the spaud of OSS agents sooned parked outside the compound and breached the facility while the rebels were asleep. at around 4:48 am the compound was under OSS control and soon discovered that 2 of the communists had escaped and the OSS agents sooned chased them down an ally way. 1 of the communists was killed while the other one escaped and only one agent was killed while 15 of the infiltrators were killed. the compound was full of explosives, weapons, ammunition, and even military vehicles that were all from China and 2 hours later the OSS opratives were met by more communist who had engaged them and after 2 agents were killed the remaining 4 split up and would keep fighting eachother for 4 more hours until the bombs dropped killing them all.