In 2150, New Anchorage experienced more and more gang violence. The Black Gold, Yukon Brothers, and the Mountie gangs began to try to take control of the city, which led to the Twelve Block War in 2151.

Kyle Jameson, even at the age of 42, participated in the fighting using his grandfather's old .357 revolver.

Both sides during the war used the nearby Anchorage Armory and Elmendorf Air Force Base as supply centers, which proved to continue the conflict than end it. Eventually, Kyle's son Paul Jameson led a surprise attack on the gang's supply center at Elmenford, and crushed all of the gang's resistance.

A memorial was erected in the downtown area of the town, which was engraved with the names of all who were lost during the conflict.

Causes of the WarEdit

The most important reason for the start of the conflict is because of Kyle Jameson's business. Kyle's Business had brought in a lot of money over the years, and it was a matter of time before raiders would have spotten him. Ronald Kingston was interested in just that. In fact, Ronald had even spied on Jameson's business for years, first walking on his trading post in 2132.

Another reason why the Raiders attacked the city was because of the factories. Rumors had been spread arou nd the Yukon Wasteland that Jameson had actually gotten the old Anchorage Factories to work again, and he had been already producing goods. The truth was, though; Kyle hadn't fixed the factories up yet.

Leader's in the ConflictEdit


Ronald Kingston: Leader of the Black Gold gang, and of the Raider group.

Fredrick Moore: Leader of the Yukon Brothers.

William LeBlanc: Leader of the Mountie gang.


Kyle Jameson: Leader of the Anchorage Forces

Paul Jameson: Colonel of the Anchorage Forces.