The M2023 was a handgun used by the United States Navy alongside the N99 10mm handgun. Based upon the venerable and reliable M1911A1 used up to 1994, it fires .45 AP (Automatic pistol) from a 14-round staggered magazine as opposed to the 7-round single-stack magazine. It was primarily used by the U.S.N. military police, while the N99 was used by the sailors who were out at sea.


The M2023 is nearly identical to the M1911 in terms of operation. It uses a linked barrel with a guide post, and is recoil-operated. Just like the original model, the M2023 is a single-action semi-automatic pistol, which is slide-operated. However, the grip is slightly enlarged to accept the new 14-round staggered magazine. The M2023 also has a slightly longer barrel, with an improved muzzel brake.


The M2023 saw most of its action on the sea. Issued as a standard weapon to U.S. Coast Guardsmen, the M2023 saw much use during the anti-pirating campaign in 2040. In addition, sailors on shore duty were usually issued the M2023, due to the fact that it wasn't quite as rugged as the N99. Some soldiers -- especially elite units and airborne units -- used the M2023 because it was quite a bit more compact than the N99. The M2023 offered a larger magazine and its improved .45 AP round gave it more stopping power than the 10mm round at the cost of a lower velocity.


  • PDI -- to a limited extent.
  • BUMED -- alongside the N99 as a standard sidearm.
  • Coast Guard -- in large quantities, as the standard weapon of Coast Guard sailors.