John Turner was a survivor of the Great War in 2077.


John was born in January 12, 2055. His parents lived in a small town in Mississippi, and he grew up with all of the luxuries afforded everyone at that point: an education, morals, safety. Like most other children, he first learned to drive at age 15, and quickly became relatively independent from his family. He maintained a membership in the Boy Scouts of American from age 11 to age 16, and learned much of what he knew of survival from them. Only once or twice was it necessary to put those teachings into practice pre-2077, but they became an amazing crutch once the war had ended and the fallout began to settle. At the age of 20, he bought a small farm, where he would live out the rest of his life. For two years, he worked as a farmer, in rural isolation. This would serve to aid his survival, as when October 23, 2077 rolled around, the majority of the world was incinerated.

After the war, his land remained comparatively fertile, but he suffered from constant acid rain, heavily radioactive at that. Scavenging during dry days was easy; the radiation that had accumulated during the initial bombardment quickly faded into the background, especially for the small town in which he lived near, which was certainly not a high priority target for the Chinese.

Within a few months, he could resume planting crops, and his cows had (miraculously) survived the radiation. Geckoes began to appear as well, initially terrifying the farmer but later becoming a great source of food and protection. Within a decade, refugees from other parts of the country began settling down nearby, gradually forming a new community. Turner married a woman from what was New York City and the two had six children together, and it was for those children for whom he wrote Surviving Post-Apocalyptia.