"I remember looking into one of those spider's eyes and thinking 'This thing ain't even from earth'."

- An eyewitness.

Giant Spiders are another species mutant creatures that live in the wasteland.
Mist Spider

A Giant Spider.



Giant Spiders are usually surrounded by myth and legend about where they came from, from satan's spawn to alien beings. However, Giant Spiders were created in a more realistic way, by the U.S. government in Federal-funded labs. During the 2050's, Big MT (A famous privately-funded lab known to create idiotic and sometimes silly creations) purposed creating the Giant Spiders for use in "combat operations" in a letter to the U.S. President. He originally turned the purposal down, but after one of his top science advisors convinced him to think about the benefits, the President gave the green light for the project to begin.

The U.S. Army, West Tek, and Big MT began shooting high amounts of radiation at regular desert spiders and other species from around the west coast in secret government installations. Big MT provided the necessary amounts of "insanity" needed for the project to move forward, while West Tek provided the right equipment for the operation to go forward. The U.S. Army was just in the project to make sure that no "experiments" got into the desert and possibly Southwestern cities. Most of the first test subjects died during the early test in Winter of 2054, but Big MT and West Tek scientists said they saw some growth in the size of the spider's bodies.

The two private companies continued working on the project together, until they had finally reached their goal of creating two Giant spiders in the summer of 2055. When the first two male and female Giant spiders were shown to a group of science advisors sent by the President, they were disturbed by the site.


Some of the different species of Giant Spiders reproduction is a fairly gruesome and evil one, nonetheless. After the male has impregnated the female, the female will go to find a host to plant it's eggs in. After the female has successfully tied up and paralyzed its host in a web, it will begin the process of implanting each of her eggs into the host.
3262553 f520

Baby Giant Spiders coming out of a human host.

Hours will go by, and eventually when the baby spiders are ready; they will begin to pop out from the still living host.