Fort Fairson was
weapons testing facility in the Yukon Wasteland.
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Created in 2004, Fort Fairson's original mission was to test clothing materials and packages for Military rations across all the branches. As it began to grow in the 2010s, the purpose of the fort was changed. The first weapons test at Fort Fairson was in 2020, when the Army began testing laser technology at the base.

When the Chinese took over parts of Alaska during 2067, many of the base's secret technologies (Radar Technologies, aircraft plans, new types of missiles, etc.) were revealed to the Chinese.

After the reclamation of Alaska in 2076, many of the personnel came back to the base, and it began to resume tests again. By October 23, 2077, the tests would be stopped abruptly.

After the Great WarEdit

After the war, all that remained of the base was the single water tower and a shack. The underground areas were completely looted after 200 years, but there was single vault that remained. It housed many of the technologies that were to precious for the enemy to get a hold of. This vault was unable to be opened this far.