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This page contains the Fallout Fanfiction and Roleplaying Wiki's article layout guideline for locations. It describes the standard layout for articles about locations.
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Infobox and categories

A few additional pointers regarding the applicable infobox and categories:

  • The applicable infobox for location pages is {{Infobox location}}. For details on its usage, please refer to the template page itself.
  • A location page is only categorized in one category.

Location article layout

There are two standard layouts for locations: one for settlements or districts of large settlements and one for all other locations.

Each layout is composed of three tables. The top and bottom tables are standard layout items found in every article; they are only included here for completeness and are collapsed by default. The middle table contains the actual specifics for location pages.

  • Yes in the "headline" column means that the article should have a headline of that name if you want to include such a layout item.
    No in the "headline" column means that this layout item should not have a headline.
  • Yes in the "required" column means that every location article should include this layout item.
    No in the "required" column means that not every location article needs to include this layout item.
  • "Zone" refers to an enclosed portion of the location.

Standard layout

This is the layout for all locations except settlements or districts thereof.

Settlement/district layout

This is the layout for settlements or districts thereof. The latter should only have own articles if the settlement is sufficiently large.

Location-specific layout items (settlement/district)
Layout item Headline Required Explanation
Lead section No Yes Small paragraph which contains the following bits of information:
  • type of location (settlement)
  • size (small, medium, large)
  • faction (wastelanders/ghouls/Outcasts etc) which inhabits it
  • number of interior zones it consists of (if applicable)
Background Yes No If there is any background story/history for the location.
Layout Yes Yes General description of the location's layout. If the settlement/district is split into multiple zones, describe each of them here and which buildings are located in each. Describe what it looks like, connections to the outside world, how many and what type of enemy can be found here (if there are any). Make a subsection for each zone of the location, titled with the name of the zone. The basic premise is that the section should give someone who has not seen the location an idea of what it looks like and how it is set up.
Buildings Yes Yes Buildings/other locations in the settlement/district which can be entered (list)
Inhabitants Yes Yes The town's inhabitants (list). For districts, this only needs to be present if there are named non-hostile NPCs living in the area. Hostiles should be described in the "Layout" section.
Notable loot Yes No List unique and rare loot here with a short description of where to find it. See notable loot poilcy for criteria requirements.
Related quests Yes No If there are quests which start or take place in this location, list them here (just link them, no need to go into detail).
Notes Yes No For interesting things about the location which do not fit into the other categories. Try to keep this section to a minimum.
Appearances Yes Yes Which games this location appears in.