Fallout Roleplaying Wiki

Rights-holders, administrators, and moderators are volunteers with extended tools who are responsible for maintaining various aspects of the wiki. They are nevertheless expected to work closely with one another and are held at a high standard of behavior. Rights-holders are not considered better than the average user and serve exclusively to maintain a productive and friendly environment.

Addition and removal of rights

If you are interested in applying for a position, contact a bureaucrat or admin. You can contact bureaucrats/admins on their talk pages. Please note: just because you meet the criteria does not mean you will automatically be assigned your requested role.


You are not required to hold a vote to be appointed rights, but you may do so if you wish. You must still meet all of the requirements. Beyond this, your vote results will pass based on yes/no basis, with no minimum voter number required. Should you receive a passing number of yes votes, but have a history of poor behavior on this wiki, or on others, the current rights holders may hold a collective to veto your forum.

Rights Removal

Discussion in the administrative channel on Discord among rights-holders may be held regarding the removal of another's rights. This may be based on behavior, even on other platforms, lack of interaction and contribution in the community, or lack of knowledge of site policies or content.

Alternatively, should a member simply wish to step down at any point for any reason, they may remove their own rights via special pages or contact an administrator or bureaucrat to have the role removed.


Bureaucrats have the power to appoint users into user roles and are the final arbitrators of policy discussions (including interpretation of existing policy).

This role requires the user to do the following:

  • Be able and willing to step in for major events (mass uploads, mass vandalization).
  • Be an impartial party in decision-making.
  • Choose and assign new rights holders as needed that fit the below requirements.
  • Assume good faith and act unilaterally only in emergencies; communicate with other rights holders.

As well as be able to fill all the requirements of an administrator, discussion moderator, content moderator, and patroller.


Administrators, or sysops, are focused on technical updates and managing the wiki on a day-to-day basis in the most sensitive areas (page protections, deletions, MediaWiki messages) they also have the ability to block users from the wiki itself.

Requirements on are as follows:

  • Understand basic CSS/JS/MediaWiki
  • Understand or be willing to learn basic datamining and photo capturing skills for at least 1 Fallout game.
  • Work with and generate wiki templates.
  • Maintain articles.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the policies and guidelines and what is and is not acceptable on pages.
  • Be regularly active and contribute your own material to the wiki.

As well as be able to fill all the requirements of a discussion moderator, content moderator, and patroller.

Content Moderators

Content moderators are some of the most active behind-the-scenes users of the wiki. They work with the articles and ensure content is in the correct category and falls under the wiki's scope. They may also make checks for grammar, punctuation, and ensure that articles fit within one of the accepted fanonverses.

This role requires the user to do the following:

  • Act neutrally in their decision-making.
  • Consider alternative viewpoints and discuss them.
  • Correctly establish grammar in articles.
  • Have a firm understanding of editing.
  • Be willing and able to critically think (create categories, delete pages or mark them for deletion, edit pages in a way that is respectful to the OP).
  • Have a firm understanding of policies and guidelines, as well as the acceptable fanonverses and Legacy content.

As well as be able to fill all the requirements of a discussion moderator and patroller (though they would not be expected to engage heavily in discussions if they do not wish to).

Discussion Moderation

Discussion moderators manage the Discord and Discussions. Their role is to ensure that social platforms are welcome and friendly, with the ability to kick/ban from Discord and delete/lock posts in Discussions.

Requirements for discussion moderators include:

  • Remaining calm under pressure.
  • Ability to make a justified judgment call.
  • Be willing to discuss and justify decisions.
  • Editing knowledge that allows the answering of basic user questions.
  • Knowledge of the community's policies and guidelines, especially those relating to character and weapon creation.

Miniature Moderators

These users have tools to undo and revert edits considered inappropriate as well as the ability to verify all other edits.

Requirements for discussion moderators include:

  • Ability to make a justified judgment call.
  • Basic editing skills.
  • Working knowledge of the community's policies and guidelines.