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For a list of administrators and moderators of the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki, see Fallout Roleplaying Wiki:Administrators‎‎.
This page contains the Fallout Fanfiction and Roleplaying Wiki's administration policy. It describes rules for article management, contributor moderation, block appeals, and expectations established for administrators and moderators.
  • Policies set general rules for the wiki's administration and its content.
  • Any registered editor is free to edit their own pages only unless permission by the original poster on an administrator is given.
  • If you would like to suggest content changes or propose a new policy or guideline, please use the wiki discussion forum.
  • See the policies and guidelines page for an overview of this wiki's policies and guidelines.


  • Pages that do not fulfill the content criteria that remain unedited by their original author should be put up for adoption or deleted, depending on the content.
  • User pages may be deleted at the request of the user they belong to, or if they are deemed inappropriate.

Page protection

Most pages should remain unprotected and allow editing by both anonymous and registered users. Protection is generally only applied to:

  • Critical parts of the site. This includes pages like the main page or widely used templates.
  • Articles that are frequent targets of vandalism.
  • User pages may be protected at the request of the respective user.
  • In general, page protection should only be applied as long as necessary. Especially articles should only be protected for a reasonably short timeframe.


Editors whose contributions are disruptive to the site or who fail to behave appropriately towards other contributors may be blocked. The following are guidelines for general cases. Blocks and their duration are at the discretion of the Fallout Fanfiction and Roleplaying Wiki's administrators.

Reason Duration
  • Vandalism
  • Personal attacks or threats towards other editors
  • Violating site policies
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Creating an account with an unacceptable username
  • Making unnecessary edits to pages in order to gain wiki achievements
  • Starting or being involved in user conflicts, such as those that occur on Nukapedia
  • Vandalism receives a permanent block with a locked talk page - there is no chance to appeal a block received this way
  • All other warnings and blocks will be discussed by two or more admins/moderators in the rights-holder channel on our Discord; evidence may be provided on request

Reviews of permanent blocks

This policy grants the opportunity for any user who has been permanently blocked from the wiki or its official Discord server to request it lifted after 12 months have passed from their last infraction of the rules, including the use of multiple accounts.

Request for block removal

Due to the block restricting access to the site, the user seeking an appeal must request via their own talk page, addressed to an active bureaucrat or admin. For cases of vandalism, in which a user page will also be blocked, feel free to reach out to Fandom staff and attempt to explain yourself.

Administration conduct policy

Those that hold rights are expected to follow all the same rules as other users but are held to a higher standard, as they serve as the face of the community. Unlike our sister site, Nukapedia, rights-holders taking rebuttals, suggestions, disagreements, or questions of their behavior as a "personal attack" will not be tolerated. There is no mediation channel if this should occur - the rights-holder will simply be stripped of their position and, should they continue to misbehave, they will receive a block the same way any other user would.

For information regarding responsibilities, see Fallout Roleplaying Wiki:Administrators

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