Wikia Chat

Wikia Chat is where users can socialize and ask for help. You can join in a chat room with general users or go into a private chat room to speak with your friends or others. To create or join a chat room, look for a button on the right side under the banner, Fallout Fanfiction Wiki Chat. Note that all administrators and bureaucrats are the moderators of Wikia Chat. For some more info on Wikia Chat go here.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is another option for users to chat and ask questions. The channel for the wiki is #wikia-falloutfanfiction. If you need any help just contact a channel operator (they have this symbol next to their name -> @).


(These rules apply to both Wikia Chat and IRC).

  • All user related policies are used here.
  • No spamming. If something is repeated several times it is considered spam. Also meaningless and random messages are spam.
  • No impersonation of other users.
  • No inappropriate topics or images (sexual related things for an example).
  • No abusive actions such as bullying.
  • Users must be identifiable to their wiki user name, at least something similar to it or a popular known nickname of that user (Example: Deathclawpoop-Nickname Deathy).

Channel Operators

Channel Operators maintain the order of the wiki's IRC channel a list of them are below.

IRC Commands

To view them go here.

IRC connect