The Eyes of Providence are a subdivision of PDI, focusing on covert ops and intelligence gathering. They are the
direct descendants of the Office of Strategic Services.


After the Great War, the EoP was formed from the remnants of the OSS. Operating on a covert level as they had during the pre-War years, EoP agents were often the first to be sent out on scouting expeditions into the wasteland immediately following the Great War. In order to fit this covert role, weapons were specifically designed by PDI, such as the R114A3, which was an accurate, semi-automatic only R114 with a high-efficiency silencer.

During the onset of the PDI-Quebec war, the EoP was utilized to subvert the Québécois government and support PDI forces by crippling Québécois supply lines, seizing weapons and troop manifestos, assassinating high-level government officials, and using their superior training to support PDI infantry in direct combat.