The DH-250 was British fighter jet that was top-of-the-line in the European Commonwealth's Air Force, but was still repeatedly shot down and defeated the by Soviet MiG-3000's.
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A wing of DH-250s on patrol..


The British Government in the 2040s requested a plane design from the company Aeolos Industries to conflict fears of a war with China, the Soviet Union or the Middle-Eastern nations. The famous American aerospace company Aeolos Industries, together with British Henway Air Design, created schematics for the DH-250 during the 2040's; with a model fully built by 2048. The European Commonwealth Air Force considered the plane to be top of the line, and thus bought many jets for military usage.

When the war with the United Arab Coalition, it quickly was sent into missions. Many of the European Commonwealth's Air Force generals thought that the DH-250, with its high speeds and it's ample armament; would do fairly well against the UAC's air-force. Much to the EC's happiness, the DH-250 did extremely well against the weak UAC jets, which had been bought decades before the war.

But, the DH-250's true flaws quickly showed themselves as the war progress, as EC pilots ventured to close to Soviet Union's Airspace on attack runs in Afghanistan and Iran Many were shot down by MiG-3000's after crossing the Soviet "no-fly zone", much to the dismay of the European Commonwealth. The MiG-3000 was faster and had more weaponry compared to the DH-250's two machineguns and two short-range Air-to-Air missiles. The success of the DH-250 against the UAC jets was quickly overshadowed by its defeats at the hand of the Soviet Air Force.

Although the failures against the MiG-3000 were great, the DH-250 continued to serve a good service in the European Wars. Most of the former EC members such as Germany had poor aircraft compared to the DH-250. So, this led to DH-250 pilots getting numerous kills throughout the war up till October 23, 2077.

Post-War HistoryEdit

Most DH-250's were left on RAF bases on the English mainland and in some places in Europe, rotting away as time consumes them. Wastelanders sometimes pass by the old planes, some trying to figure out how it could fly or how marvelous it was. Others, such as scavengers; are more concerned about it's metal. Not all DH-250s however, were doomed to rot as many survived across the sea in Northern Ireland were later taken and used by the Ulster Air Corps of the Independent State of Ulster.