The Crimson Cross symbol.

The Crimson Cross is a group of people devoted to destroying other beings due to 'orders' from their God. They are completely insane and fanatical, but some are still acknowledging of what they're getting themselves into. Despite being insane, the Crimson Cross members possess advanced technology, weapons, and much more such as power armor.


It started with two brothers escaping a prison in Alaska shortly after the Great War. When they escaped, they had already spent years in the prison, and were insane. They heard voices in their heads which told them that all other people were flaws of the pure world that God made, and that they needed to be terminated. So they listened to the voices, began to obey it, and treated them like representatives of God. The brothers raided stores and caches of weapons until they had enough supplies so they could begin their order. They created the Crimson Cross, and began to recruit other people to their cause.

Along TimeEdit

The Crimson Cross was weak and struggling throughout its first couple of years, but it became stronger and began to take action. The group usually set ambushes upon wanderers and animals. It became a fearful faction, and no one dared to go near their territory. The Crimson Cross is still working, and has recently spread out through the Mojave Wasteland.

A Crimson Cross member.


  • Initiate - A recruit aspiring to be a member
  • Brother/Sister - Passed the initiation and is a basic member
  • Brother/Sister of Purgation - Has been a member that has shown the utmost loyalty and duty
  • Executioner - A member that participates in battles and performs regular duties for the Crimson Cross


There are certain duties that each member (except for higher ranking members) has to do in order for the Crimson Cross to stay supplied and have dominance and influence. These are some of the duties.

  • Raiding supply stashes or stores.

In order to acquire new tech, armor, and guns, the Crimson Cross raids places to steal the supplies and keep everything in top shape for the order.