BUMED is the shorthand form of "The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery of the United States Navy".

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Before the Great War, BUMED was made up of sailors and soldiers working for the U.S.N. In order to conserve money, they were stationed in an officially de-militarized base, alongside the Naval Research Institute. They were responsible for developing advanced medicinal technology during the Sino-American war.


Thanks to the official status of the base and the destroyer anchored there, BUMED escaped nuclear annihilation. However, the radiation quickly became too "hot" for humans to handle, and as such they needed to distance themselves from the irradiated area they once inhabited. All of the workers from both BUMED and the NRI took shelter aboard the destroyer. After the radiation cleared, BUMED took back to the base, and set up a settlement there, while sending out search parties to find the government's Emergency Response teams. The museum that the NRI had occupied held an iron press and furnace, which allowed them to produce new weapons and ammo using the weapons the guards had held onto.

They are fairly interactive with the rest of the wasteland. Every few months, they send out scouting teams to scavenge materials and food.


BUMED is largely egalitarian in terms of ideals. However, they are ruled as an oligarchy, with their leader, who goes by the title of Surgeon General, ruling without question. Most of the pre-war social norms for the civilians remain, although there is a bit of a divide between the NNRI- and BUMED-descended civilians. Generally speaking, however, both ends are granted the same rights as the other.

Their military are known as "police", and each one are armed with the an R91A2 rifle and an M2023 handgun, a redesign of the M1911 used before then. The command structure of the U.S.N. is retained in nearly its entirety.


BUMED is based upon Pre-War technology. Almost everything they produce locally either is or stems from Pre-War technology. However, compared to the rest of the wasteland their medicinal technology is much further advanced. They have access to numerous Auto-Doc models, and drugs that are capable of suppressing and eliminating cancers caused by radiation.


  • R91A2 -- a carbine variant of the R91 rifle used by the U.S. Military.
  • M2023 -- a redesigned M1911.
  • N99 -- the official handgun used by the United States Armed forces, primarily issued to sailors stationed aboard a sea-borne vessel.